NOTE: £1.00 price is per tree!

By balancing the growth of short- and longlife trees, conservationists increase the chances that the forest is still thriving for generations to come. The Architect bundle is designed to maximise the survival rate and longevity of the forest, which leverages assisted natural regeneration techniques to plant a sustainable forest.
Our partners ensure that longterm reforestation goals are met by balancing growth rate, resilience and longevity of the forest. Pioneer species are used to create a hospitable environment for climax species to thrive. The climax community is formed when the forest becomes stable and many species are supported, making the forest very biodiverse. 
Sustainable forestry is based on the natural lifecycle of trees. Our partners collect seeds from trees to grow in local nurseries, and the saplings are then cared for by specialists to make sure they are healthy and have the best chance at life. Once planted on-site and growing satisfactorily, some species of trees can survive for up to 70-100 years, whilst others can live for 200-300 years. Because of this, conservationists need to plant with the distant future in mind, not just the day of planting.
Reforestation is a science and an art!

Restore Forests in Southeast Asia


Every tree we plant will impact the surrounding ecosystem, and must be selected with great care. We work with our planting partners to ensure each species we plant will only provide benefits to the surrounding ecosystem.

In Latin America, we plant a range of tree species based on the intended impact of the project. In the High Andes, we plant polylepis trees, protecting water for millions of people. The trees and roots absorb glacial meltwater, slowing the water’s release into watersheds downstream.

Some of our Latin America projects, such as in Honduras, utilize hardwood tree species. Hardwood trees are carbon storage powerhouses. While hardwood trees tend to take longer to grow, their environmental impact is worth the wait.


Forests provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, and provide key ingredients for 25% of all medicines. Have you ever taken an Aspirin? It comes from the bark of a tree! At One Tree Planted, we focus on the 6 Pillars of Reforestation. These pillars are the foundation of why planting trees is such a significant action to take.


One Tree Planted has planted trees in six global regions: North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and The Pacific. Every reforestation project has a unique impact on forests, communities, biodiversity, and the environment.Check out the incredible impact some of our past projects have made!