About Us

GrowTRUE connects individuals and businesses with vetted international tree-planting organisations that meet our strict criteria for truly sustainable reforestation.

We believe that planting trees is one of the most impactful ways to combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability. However, reforestation is about more than planting a tree – once a seed is planted it must grow and flourish.

When you plant through one of our partners, you’ll receive a complete breakdown of what is being planted on your behalf, where it’s being planted, project updates, a planting certificate, and a breakdown of the true costs involved.

By opting for yearly updates, you’ll receive annual planting reports containing information such as tree survival rates, carbon sequestration data, and visual images gained from fixed cameras, drones, and in-person site assessments.

GrowTRUE is working on a number of initiatives to make the planting process more transparent than ever, including the use of live satellite technology, and we look forward to sharing these exciting projects in the near future.

What We Do

GrowTRUE was formed by a group of individuals with over a decade of experience in the tree-planting world. Our members have led a multitude of sustainable reforestation projects across the planet, including tropical forest projects, urban greening initiatives, and marine reforestation.